Project Brief – Project Mac

Name of the project

Project Mac

Scope of works

As the 100 year old cottage was delapidated, a full overhaul structural renovation was required however we were able to keep the front fascade to keep the character of the original home, including keeping the original shutters which was repainted to give it new life. The front of the home was modernised with new fresh paint and modernised with merbau wood slat fencing. The rest of the house behind the front fascade was demolished to make way for new structures and new concrete flooring. The kitchen was a modernised design with a window type splashback design with bi-fold doors that opens from the kitchen through to the living room area giving a 180 degrees indoor-outdoor entertainment area when the bi-fold doors are fully opened. The spacious bathroom came complete with both a shower area and a free-standing bathtub and luxurious stone tiles. The whole house was given a luxurious makeover which appealed to a number of buyers and one buyer described it as the “home of their dream.”


We are most proud of…

The home was completely delapidated, however we were able to salvage the front fascade of the home including salvaging the original front window shutters of the home. This kept the character of the home while modernising the rest of the house. We were also very proud of the design we created at the rear of the house which opens up 180 degrees extending the indoor space to the outdoor seamlessly which can entertain a large crowd despite being a small cottage. Just a clever use of space.



Feature highlight of the development

The feature highlight would have to be the clever use of space described above where a small home is now able to entertain a large party due to the 180 degrees open space when the bi-fold glass doors are fully opened at the rear of the home.

The A-team behind this project

Architect: Raymond Panetta Architects

Interior Designer: Favela Development

Landscaper: Black Swan Landscapes

Builder: Favela Development

Stylist: Advantage Interiors

Surveyor: C-side surveyors